I’m a software developer with upwards of 14 years experience now.

I’m also a pixel artists with about 4 years of experience.

See Coffee Catchups or a list of my interests.

Right now I am focussing on:

When I say “Leadership”, I don’t mean that word that people use in place of “Management” so they can feel like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

My interest lies in leading teams and companies towards a vision as if employees and team members mattered, along with the users of your platform and/or customers of your business.

I’m specifically against the kind of leadership that teach employees to eschew their self-interests like:

To the extent where they must only care about the things CEOs and sales people care about.

The “leadership” that most people aspire to is the level where they graduate from having their self-interests denied them to the ones doing the denying.

The difficulty in leadership lies in balancing the two, tending to your users is a must of course for any business, but its really the bare minimum. I’m just more interested in solving the harder problem.

I also believe the answer lies in combining a diverse set of interests like Philosophy, Game Theory, Mathematics and maybe Economics, rather than just reading all of Maxwell’s books on leadership.