Installing Liquid Haskell

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Dom De Re
4 mins
liquid haskell, z3, refined types

I’m looking to try out [Liquid Haskell] liquid-haskell in preparation for a blog post so figured I would document the installation experience.

(So I’ll save the details and motivation for looking at Liquid Haskell until then)

Its more to document the inconvenience and hoops I had to jump through. Part of what I would like to comment on is the hassle/ease of installing it.


So Liquid Haskell requires the following:

Installing the latest version of Git

I was running the version of Git from the aptitude git package (version 1.9.1) and was getting this error:

% git clone
Cloning into 'z3'...
remote: Counting objects: 23690, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (5648/5648), done.
remote: Total 23690 (delta 18425), reused 23042 (delta 17944)
Receiving objects: 100% (23690/23690), 9.65 MiB | 184.00 KiB/s, done.
error: RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = 200
Resolving deltas: 100% (18425/18425), done.

Apparently the problem is due to the PPA distributed binaries being linked to libcurl3-openssl, so the solution is to build them from source and link them to libcurl4-openssl

The following builds and installs latest version of git (version 2.0.3 at the time of this writing) from source.

% sudo apt-get install gettext zlib1g-dev asciidoc libcurl4-openssl-dev
% git clone
% cd git
% git checkout v2.0.3
% make configure
% ./configure --prefix=/usr
% make all doc
% sudo make install install-doc install-html

Installing Z3

Instructions for installing Z3 for Ubuntu are [here] installing-z3 (little hard to find).

But just in case whatever, they are again listed here (I didn’t want to install it to /usr/bin, but ~/bin instead):

Its also important to install version 4.3.2 and above.

% git clone
% cd z3
% autoconf
% ./configure --prefix=~/bin
% python scripts/
% cd build
% make -j8
% sudo make install

I had previously tried 4.3.1 as it was the “stable” release, however when I eventually tried verifying a module, I got the following error:

Error setting 'MODEL.PARTIAL', reason: unknown option.
ERROR: invalid INI file
Fatal error: exception Failure("bracket hits exn: Failure("bracket hits exn: End_of_file \n") 

When I replaced it with the 4.3.2 version of z3, it worked.

Building the OCaml Compiler

Instructions are [here] installing-ocaml.

Again just in case and to compare:

% git clone
% cd ocaml
% git checkout 4.01.0
% ./configure
% make world
% make bootstrap
% make opt
% make opt.opt
% umask 022
% make install
% make clean

Installing GHC version 4.8.3

Liquid Haskell needs GHC, version 4.8.3, instructions to build it from source are [here] installing-ghc

Installing Liquid Haskell

% mkdir -p ~/haskell-tools/liquid-haskell
% cd ~/haskell-tools/liquid-haskell
% git clone
% git clone
% cabal sandbox init
% cabal sandbox add-source liquid-fixpoint
% cabal sandbox add-source liquidhaskell
% cabal install liquid-fixpoint
% cabal install liquidhaskell
% mkdir -p ~/haskell-tools/bin
% cd ~/haskell-tools/bin
% ln -sf ~/haskell-tools/liquid-haskell/.cabal-sandbox/bin/liquid .
% ln -sf ~/haskell-tools/liquid-haskell/.cabal-sandbox/bin/fixpoint .